Speaking Engagements

Mark Pacitti is available for public speaking engagements about his black dog experiences and how he ultimately overcame anxiety and depression. Mark has developed a 25 minute talk that, like his online story, is aimed at both sufferers of anxiety and depression as well as non sufferers. He is available to talk to all kinds and sizes of audiences, including corporate or after-dinner engagements. Although a resident of Melbourne, Australia, he is also open to delivering talks in any location, whether within Australia or overseas.

Mark is the first person to point out that he is not a medical or mental health professional. He is, however, an expert on his own story. In his talks, he openly shares his thoughts, feelings and experiences in the same candid yet light-hearted voice that he uses in his written word in Dancing With The Black Dog. If he makes you laugh as well as making you cry during his talk, he will feel he has achieved his aim.

Mark has spoken to a number of audiences, including:

– A gathering of 50 barristers at the Victorian Bar – at the invitation of Dr Michelle Sharpe, Chairwoman of the Bar’s Health And Wellness Committee

– GPC Asia Pacific (Repco) – at their National Head Office on Mental Health Awareness Day 2013

– Mental Health First Aid Australia’s 2013 Annual Conference – at the invitation of CEO and Founder, Betty Kitchener OAM

Below are also some letters of testimonial on Mark Pacitti and his black dog talks.

To make an initial enquiry about booking Mark Pacitti for a talk, please write to us.

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