Seeking Volunteers!

Here at Mental Health Charity, Dancing With The Black Dog, we’ve created a symbol that enables anyone who wears or displays it to silently spread a simple message.

It conveys to anyone around you who may be suffering from anxiety, depression, or any mental illness, that it’s ok for them to say if they don’t feel ok.

seeking volunteers.

So far we’ve received online worldwide orders for over 30,000 of our lapel pins, badges and stickers. Our initiative has also been video endorsed by a number of high profile public figures and celebrities from Australia, the UK and USA. You can view these videos, our merchandise and more at

We Need Your Help!

30,000 is a great start, but we have much, much bigger goals. We are now looking for volunteers who would be interested in selling our badges, pins and stickers offline to their friends, family and colleagues. We have a number of merchandise packs to distribute, compromising 25 lapel pins, stickers and badges, a downloadable PDF poster and a Letter of Authority.

We would require a deposit of A$50 / £30 to cover administrative costs, which would be fully refundable to you from the proceeds you raise. Remaining proceeds could then be returned to us by bank deposit or PayPal.

How Can I Get Started Today?

If you are ready to help, thank you for your support. You can make your A$50 / £30 deposit either by PayPal to [email protected] or if you are in Australia, by direct bank deposit to:
Commonwealth Bank Of Australia
BSB 063-144
Account Number 10519843
Name: Dancing With The Black Dog Pty Ltd

Please also email us your current mailing address to [email protected] We will then send you:
– 25 metallic lapel pins
– 25 metallic badges
– 25 stickers
– A Letter of Authority for you to sell on our behalf
– A link to our downloadable PDF poster
– A receipt for your deposit

Here are a few FAQs about our new Volunteer Program in response to some initial questions received:

Why Are You Asking Volunteers For An A$50/ £30 Deposit?

That is a very fair question. There are two reasons really, both of which are based on the fact that while we appreciate not everyone who wants to volunteer can afford to pay a deposit, at this point in time, we cannot afford not to ask for one. Firstly, we are a small but growing registered charity with limited funds, so we need to cover some of the cost of the merchandise and postage up front. Secondly, a few people have very kindly offer to sell on our behalf in the past, and whenever we sent out some merchandise to them, there was a small number of them whom we never heard back from. So while asking volunteers to pay a deposit might be unusual, we hope you can appreciate that for a small charity, it is also understandable.

Will I Get My Deposit Back?

Absolutely! The deposit can be deducted from any proceeds you raise and return to us. As long as you are comfortable you can sell the merchandise we send to you, you will not be out of pocket.

I Have Not Heard Of This Charity Before. Why Should I Believe This Is Not A Scam?

This is absolutely not a scam, we are still a small but growing charity, which is why you may not have heard of us before. But if you are not convinced, we are not asking you to just take our word for it. Please feel free to read more about us and who we are by clicking here.

What Do I Get Out Of Being A Volunteer?

To date, we have received orders for over 30,000 pieces of our branded merchandise purely through online sales. All of these orders have been single-handedly packed, labelled, stamped and sent by our Founder, who runs the charity entirely unpaid in his limited spare time. But the orders, the merchandise and the brand are not important – what is important is the message they call convey. And we have plans to make 30,000 look like a drop in the ocean. So what you can get out of being a volunteer is being able to say you played an exciting part in transforming a drop into an ocean.

Thank you.

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