In line with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect on May 25th 2018, Dancing With The Black Dog would like to issue the following statement:

Other than name and address information for orders which are received through this website, we do not actively or passively process or collect any personal user data.

1) All names and addresses for orders received from Europe are collected from PayPal
2) Payments for any such orders are processed via PayPal
3) Therefore, any credit card details are not and cannot be processed, used or stored in any format directly by Dancing With The Black Dog
4) Processed names and addresses as extracted from PayPal are stored by Dancing With The Black Dog 1) in a secure cloud location 2) within this website and 3) within our secure cloud-based email system
5) We only store this information so we can verify the address an order was sent to, in case it is delayed or goes missing in the mail, or in case an incorrect address was provided at the time of sale
6) We also have active cyber security measures in place to constantly monitor this website
7) Importantly, we do not share any data with any other organisation or individual under any circumstances

Under the terms of the GDPR, by placing an order via this website, you are providing Consent under Contractual Necessity for us to process your name and address as outlined above. You do however have the right to withdraw such consent. Please contact us via admin (at) itsoktosay (dot) org if you would like to have your name and address removed from our records once you have placed an order.

Many thanks,
Mark Pacitti

Founder and Data Protection Officer
Dancing With The Black Dog