Show anyone with anxiety or depression that it’s ok to say if they don’t feel ok.

Visually show anyone suffering from anxiety or depression that “it’s ok to say if you don’t feel ok”, by displaying our black dog logo.

Please note we have — temporarily — shut our online merchandise shop during the Covid Crisis, however we are still actively spreading our message online. See how you can help through Facebook and Instagram.

You don’t have to be suffering from anxiety or depression yourself in order to wear or display the dancing black dog symbol, because doing so does not mean you are saying “I suffer from anxiety or depression”. Rather, it means you are saying “it’s ok to say if you don’t feel ok” to anyone around you who may be suffering from anxiety or depression. As many as one in four people suffer in silence from depression or anxiety. Sometimes they come across as the happiest person in the room, yet on the inside they are in fact the loneliest.

To avoid any confusion, please note that Dancing With The Black Dog is not affiliated with, endorsed or authorised by the Black Dog Institute in any way.

About Us

Dancing With The Black Dog started off as one man’s candid blog about how he beat anxiety and depression. Nowadays it has transformed into a registered charity dedicated to eradicating the stigma of anxiety and depression, mainly through our global campaign called “It’s OK To Say If You Don’t Feel OK” which we launched in 2015. We are based in Australia, but we have global reach – and no matter where you live in the world, we can send our campaign lapel pins, badges, patches and stickers to you.

Introducing Our Official Ambassadors

We are delighted to have the following Official Ambassadors supporting our charity:
Australia – Will Connolly and Ray Meagher
Scotland – Sanjeev Kohli

Here is a video from Will Connolly announcing his Ambassadorship. Will is also available for public speaking events on mental health at schools, events and other forums. He can be contacted directly by email by clicking here

Here is Ray Meagher wearing one of our badges while accepting his Most Popular Actor Award at the 2018 Australian TV Logies Awards.

To view a video of Ray announcing his Ambassadorship,please visit our Celebrity Endorsements page.

Scottish Radio, Soap and Sitcom Star, Sanjeev Kohli’s Ambassadorship is in line with the continuing development, and international focus and reach, of our mental health charity initiative. To view a video of Sanjeev announcing his Ambassadorship, please visit our Celebrity Endorsements page.

Other Celebrity Endorsements

Please visit our Celebrity Endorsements page, where you can view further messages of support for our charity from:

Mayim Bialik, Jack Black

Will Connolly, Shane Jacobson, Bonnie Anderson, Conrad Sewell, Liam Hemsworth, Jimmy Barnes, Ray Meagher, Michael Caton, Giaan Rooney, Ryan Corr, Father Bob Maguire, John Howard, Francis Greenslade

Russell Howard, Joss Stone, Sir Steve Redgrave, Karl Pilkington, Hermione Norris

Dame Katherine Grainger, Chris Brookmyre, Sanjeev Kohli

It’s OK To Say If You Don’t Feel OK

When it comes to anxiety and depression, we believe in the utmost importance of talking about your feelings, and encouraging others to do the same. And whether you suffer from a mental illness or not, we believe in a world where we can all have a means of conveying to everyone we encounter that it’s OK to say if you don’t feel OK. Which is why we launched our global “It’s OK To Say If You Don’t Feel OK” campaign in 2015.

Which is also why we have created a global Get Help Now page, containing contact details for where you can get immediate help from mental health organisations in ten countries around the world.

Why Is This Important?

Nowadays, the stigma of mental illness is slowly but surely being eroded; more and more sufferers are seeking professional help. However, we still live in an age where we need to focus as much on getting people talking about their struggles as we do with providing mental health services. After all, an open conversation in a safe environment is often the first and most crucial step in seeking help.

As you may know, the black dog is a widely-used euphemism for depression. We’ve therefore developed the Dancing With The Black Dog logo as a symbol that anyone can wear or display to show their support for sufferers of anxiety and depression, to convey the message that it’s OK to say if you don’t feel OK.

Since February 2016, over 30,000 people have ordered more than 100,000 pieces of our merchandise worldwide (mainly from Australia and the UK) via this page – and growing every day.

Who Are We “Targeting”?

We are “targeting” anyone who would like to visually convey the supportive message “it’s ok to say if you don’t feel ok.”

Imagine, for example, if you are struggling with anxiety or depression, and your manager at work wears a symbol that demonstrates their personal support for mental illness. Or you want to talk in confidence to a mental health professional, and many of your colleagues and friends demonstrate their support in the same way. How much more comfortable would you feel in seeking professional help?

It’s about helping to create a silent but supportive environment.

Please note we have — temporarily — shut our online merchandise shop during the Covid Crisis, however we are still actively spreading our message online.

Lapel Pins

Our metallic lapel pins are available for A$7 for 1 or A$14 for 3. The lapel pin is 10mm in diameter, has a small butterfly clip and comes in a smooth epoxy coating finish.

The lapel pin is 10mm in diameter, has a small butterfly clip and comes in a smooth epoxy coating finish.


Our metallic badges are available for A$8 for 1, or A$16 for 3. The badge is exactly the same look, colour and design as the lapel pin, but is 25mm in diameter and has a safety-pin/clasp style fastening. It too comes in a smooth epoxy coating finish

The badge is 25mm in diameter.

Stickers – Adhesive Back

Our stickers are available for A$6 for 1, or A$12 for 3. It can be used as an external sticker – and it has an adhesive backing. However we recommend that they are not stuck on a car window, since we have had some reports of the yellow ink (but not the dog logo) fading to white when stuck on a car window.

The sticker

Window Stickers- Static

Our static PVC window stickers are also A$6 for 1 or A$12 for 3, and 78mm in diameter. They are designed to securely cling / adhere to the inside of a car window and face outwards without the need for adhesive

Cloth Patches

Our iron/sew-on cloth patches are available for A$10 for 1, or A$20 for 3. The patch is 78mm in diameter.

The patch

What Services Do We Provide?

One question we often get asked is “what services do you provide?” Well we are trying to enable individuals to convey an important message of support to others. Some may not see that as a service, so between March 2016 and February 2020, we donated 12.5% of the sale value of all black dog badges, lapel pins, patches and stickers sold within Australia to Australia’s biggest mental health charity, Beyond Blue.

In total, we have donated A$33,923.25, and Beyond Blue advised us that this amount directly helped 706 people seek support services from a mental health professional through their various support channels.

For more information on how we spend any funds raised FAQ page.

Due to cost pressures, as of 13th February 2020, we have stopped making donations to Beyond Blue.

Further endorsement from Stephen Fry

We were delighted when Mental Health Ambassador and Twitter Titan, Stephen Fry, tweeted about us back in 2012 – not once but twice – when Dancing With The Black Dog was a fledgling blog. We were equally delighted when he completed the tweet-trick by tweeting about our “it’s ok to say” initiative in May 2017. Please click on the image below to view the tweet.



For more information, please visit our Who Are We page, where we also answer some FAQs, as well as outlining who we are not.

Please send any queries pre or post sale by email to [email protected] for a swifter response, rather than as a Facebook message or comment.

All proceeds will go towards further raising awareness of the message that it’s OK to say if you don’t feel OK or towards other mental health charities. It is also our intention where possible to proportionately spend any funds back onto campaigns in the countries where they where originally sourced from. With modern technology and social media, however, it is also our hope that such campaigns will continue to have a global reach.

Corporate bulk discount packages are also available, please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

Please join us therefore in demonstrating to all those you encounter that you support mental health awareness, and mental health conversations. And if anyone asks you what the black dog pin on your jacket or sticker on your car is, please join us in telling them it’s your way of saying it’s ok to say if you don’t feel ok.

Thank you for supporting us, in proudly supporting Beyond Blue.

Mark Pacitti
Founder, Dancing With The Black Dog
Winner, in my own personal battle with anxiety and depression

To read my own full story, please click here

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