Celebrity Endorsements

Here is a video from young Melbourne lad, Will Connolly, announcing his Ambassadorship, which will involve him wearing and displaying our merchandise, as well as talking about the charity in the media.

Here is a video from Ray Meagher announcing his Ambassadorship

And here is a video from Sanjeev Kohli announcing his Ambassadorship shortly after Ray Meagher joined our team

Here’s The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik also sharing a few words on the same important subject:

A big thanks also to British comedian, Russell Howard, for sharing a few words in support of our initiative:

Here’s a few words from Neighbours actress and Australian singing sensation, Bonnie Anderson:

To view a short seasonal Christmas message about our initiative from Liam Hemsworth, Ray Meagher, Jimmy Barnes, Hermione Norris and Michael Caton, please watch the following 37-second video:

To hear a few words from some of our other international celebrity supporters, including Joss Stone, Jack Black, Sir Steve Redgrave, Karl Pilkington and more, please watch the following video:

Here’s a few words from another Australian singing sensation, Conrad Sewell:

And here’s a few words from Australian comedian, actor, director and Australia’s Got Talent Judge, Shane Jacobson:

And circling back to where we started, here’s the full video of Ray Meagher accepting his Most Popular Actor award while wearing one of our charity badges:

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