Celebrity Endorsements

Here is a video from Ray Meagher announcing his Ambassadorship, which will involve him wearing and displaying our merchandise, as well as talking about the charity in the media.

And here is a video from Sanjeev Kohli announcing his Ambassadorship shortly after Ray Meagher joined our team

Here’s The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik also sharing a few words on the same important subject:

A big thanks also to British comedian, Russell Howard, for sharing a few words in support of our initiative:

Here’s a few words from Neighbours actress and Australian singing sensation, Bonnie Anderson:

To view a short seasonal Christmas message about our initiative from Liam Hemsworth, Ray Meagher, Jimmy Barnes, Hermione Norris and Michael Caton, please watch the following 37-second video:

To hear a few words from some of our other international celebrity supporters, including Joss Stone, Jack Black, Sir Steve Redgrave, Karl Pilkington and more, please watch the following video:

Here’s a few words from another Australian singing sensation, Conrad Sewell:

And circling back to where we started, here’s the full video of Ray Meagher accepting his Most Popular Actor award while wearing one of our charity badges:

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