It’s OK To Say If You Don’t Feel OK


My name is Mark. If this is your first visit to my site, Dancing With The Black Dog is the story of how I beat anxiety and depression – my long, slow dance with the black dog. I started the site in September 2011, and I’ve since had newspaper, magazine and radio exposure for my story in a number of countries.

I've also started up an initiative called "It's OK To Say If You Don't Feel OK" which is about how - whether we suffer from a mental illness or not - we can all do our bit to share this important message with the world.

How It All Began
As you will probably know, the black dog is a widely-used euphemism for depression. I had my own black dog logo printed on a case just for my own iPhone, but after interest from friends, and followers of my Facebook page, I decided to make them widely available -- at no profit to myself. I also figured that the one thing we take with us practically everywhere, the thing we start conversations with, is our mobile phone. Furthermore, there is no internationally recognised symbol for mental health awareness, such as the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness.

Why Is That Important?
More and more sufferers of mental illness are starting to seek professional help nowadays. However, we still live in a generation where we need to focus as much on getting people talking about their struggles as we do with providing mental health services, since an open conversation in a safe environment is often the first step in seeking help.

I’m not doing this with the intention of making money. In fact I will not and do not want to make a single cent from any sales – because I'm doing this with the intention of starting conversations. I'm doing this because it is one of my greatest hopes, as a result of actions we can all take today, that our children can all grow up in a world where it feels okay to say if you don’t feel okay.

Take Action Today - How To Buy
You can buy my dancing black dog cases directly from specialist manufacturer Mr Nutcase, who print to order, minimum order quantity = 1.  I've arranged a 15% buyer's discount code for you rather than taking their recommended 15% seller margin for me.

So why not take that action today towards a brighter future for our children by visiting my Mr Nutcase page (enter the code BLACKDOG15 at checkout to receive your 15% discount)

Can't Find The Model Or Colour You Are Looking For?
If you can't find the model you are looking for, or you would like to order a case with a different background colour, please feel free to contact me by email via dancingwiththeblackdog at gmail dot com

Want To Help Out More?
If you want to contribute more towards my cause by helping fund my online advertising / awareness raising costs, you can do so via my GoFundMe page. Please note any contributions are purely optional of course!

In Closing…
My overall aim in starting this initiative and in telling my story (click on the home button to read more) is to offer other anxiety and depression sufferers hope of a better way of living, a better way of thinking. Because back in 2010, after years of struggling with ever-increasing levels of anxiety and depression, and leading what looked like a normal life on the outside, I reached breaking point. But I fought back. I sought professional help. I took the fight to my own inner demons – and I won.

But I'd never have won if I never spoke up.

Please join me therefore in demonstrating that you support mental health awareness, in eradicating the stigma of mental illness, and if anyone asks you what the black dog logo is on your phone case, in telling them it’s your way of saying it’s okay to say if you don’t feel okay.

Thank you for your support,
Mark Pacitti

March 2015

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